Romans 8:38-39.
  • Sage Allaway

A New Treehouse in the Forest of the Internet

When I was ten years old, so small and ambitious I was, I made my first blog. Before you search for it, be aware that it was taken down years ago, and anyway, was made under a cheesy pen name. I posted on it daily for several months. But this was not any typical blog, of course.

It was all about dolphins!

Why, yes. My first attempt at any sort of website was to update the world daily on interesting facts about dolphins. It ranged from how terribly endangered the maui dolphin of New Zealand was, to the yellow stripes that often appeared on the common dolphin. There were so many facts to say, so many amazing things. Did you know that dolphins like to play with bubbles?

Eventually, I stopped considering myself a dolphin expert, and took down the blog. But it was my little beginning.

You may have come here from, where I previously blogged. You may know me personally, and have just found this place. No matter where you came from, I'd like to bow and give greetings to you and welcome you to my website. I won't be posting about dolphins too much anymore, and I'm no longer ten years old, but I'm still as ambitious as ever.

This is my very own treehouse, in the forest of the internet. When you visit here, I encourage you to find yourself comfortable and excited. This is the beginning.