Romans 8:38-39.
Hi, I'm Sage Allaway. 

I create content for young people like me, who think outside the box, and enjoy a little creativity in their lives. If you love chasing dreams, miniature adventures, or finding the beauty in everything, then this place is for you. I write about lifestyle, optimism, and adventure. This blog is a treehouse, hidden in the vast forest of the internet. Come on in, grab some tea, and get comfortable. 

Little things about myself...

  • I have sensory issues that are very controlling of my life, but I will not let them defeat me.

  • I am a confused American, who did not grow up in America. (Dubai kids unite!)

  • I think Owl City's music creates wonders.

  • Children's books are a gift to this world, and nothing can change my mind about that.

  • I love Jesus with all my heart, and believe that he is the only way. 

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